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“Acknowledging your divinity is the first step towards living your greatness”.

Zoe Hlatshwayo
about me

About Me

My name is Zoe Hlatshwayo, a Spiritual Director, Step-Up Coach, Author and Healer. I operate from a higher dimension of life, helping you deepen your relationship with the divine.  My mission is to help you remember who you are (your purpose) and step up to live the greatness you were endowed with to serve humanity. In this Oneness, you will experience love in its fullness,with no judgement This dimension is infinite, limitless and eternal and there are no limits to what SPIRIT can do in you, through you and with you!

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Coaching You To GreatNess

I am a Spiritual Director and Step Up Coach, which means I help you remember who you really are and transition you into your greatness. I have developed a powerful and effective 3 step approach to set you on your path to greatness.

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My coaching packages are tailored to suit individual, group and business needs.  Every package can further be tailored to suit your specific needs.

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