be all you can be

with Zoe


“Acknowledging your divinity is the first step towards living your greatness”.

Zoe Hlatshwayo

About Me

My name is Zoe Hlatshwayo, a Spiritual Teacher and Healer. My vision is to help you remember who you are (your purpose) and step up to live the greatness you were endowed with to serve humanity. I operate from a higher dimension of life,spirit, to help you deepen your relationship with the Divine.


Teachings are about equipping you with knowledge and tools of the Kingdom to live a living a victorious life.Through the Holy spirit, I will teach, instruct, command, coach, speak, preach, discern and prophesy, do it all, to help you to do live your ordained purpose and do Gods will for your life.


You are made whole when you are restored to remember who you really are. It is time to be restored to the kingdom of God and take back the position of being an ambassador of the kingdom of heaven. You will get help to deal with beliefs, habits, behaviours that have hindered you reach your full potential.


Make time to temporarily leave the distractions of life and visit our retreat centres to reconnect with God, be renewed, rejuvenated and be refilled by the holy spirit. This is a time of solitude, detoxification, re-evaluation of your life in order to find re-alignment with the Divine. We offer different retreat packages to suit your needs.