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A bit about me

Meet Zoe – Spiritual Director, Coach and Healer. I come from a background of spiritual people and living in the spirit became a way of life for me. I have a healthy communion with the Holy Spirit, God and angels. I know this work is assigned to me now even before I incarnated, to teach, coach and heal. In helping you, my guidance comes from the Spirit of God. 

This platform is not about religion, my belief system is grounded on the kingdom of God and its establishment on earth. Thy will be done, on earth, as it is in heaven’, for you to experience heaven on earth. My teachings are based on the universal laws of life and the ‘proceeding’ word of God.

My Mandate


About Zoe

As a spiritual teacher, I operate from a higher dimension of life. I connect with the divine wisdom of God/ Source as my guide. I help you grow a deeper relationship with Source and operate from a higher dimension of your life where you are One with God and all things. In this Oneness, you will experience love in its fullness,with no judgement This dimension is infinite, limitless and eternal and there are no limits to what SPIRIT can do in you, through you and with you!


About Zoe

I will coach you to step up and raise your consciousness to who you really are,
an authentic, empowered, responsable, joyful, grateful and peaceful being.
Help you connect to your purpose in life and contribute your gifts to serve humanity.
Set a vision for your life purpose and get inspired action from Source to be. do and have whatsoever you desire.
Finally, support you to live a fulfilled and abundant life!


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I facilitate spiritual healing through the leading and guidance of thee holy spirit. I am blessed with the ability to touch an individual, either physically or spiritually, and receive messages from Source for them or on their behalf.  I am able to look at your life holistically and get deep insights that hinder emotional, spiritual and physical success in your life. I help you break agreements, habits and mindsets that cause pathologies in your personal and family life. 


You have a vision, but no clear plan?
You do not know your life purpose?
God doesn’t love you or even know you?
Your prayers are not heard or answered?
You are not in control of your life?
You’re lost, with no direction for your life?
You’re unhappy. Life feels meaningless and unfulfilling?
You’re stuck? Perhaps your life is on auto pilot?
You doubt yourself and think less of yourself and your self-confidence could use a boost?

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