Time is an illusion, only Now exists

I have come to realise that Time, an illusion, only Now exists. A friend and I were musing about on how the years have passed by since we have been friends and to our amazement, we realised that we have known each other for twenty years! We were both astonished about this realization. I started wondering about the twenty years, where they went to, where we spent them on, what we did. Whilst she could recollect some of the great memories of our initial meeting twenty years ago,

I struggled to put the puzzle together for the rest of the twenty and odd years. This got me thinking, I realized that time does not actually exist, all I have in my reminiscence was the moment I was talking to her and that time was real, nothing else prior to this moment made sense to me.I realized the illusion called time, everything is a phantasm of our imagination, and nothing else is real except that which we are now, at this particular moment. I had figured it out, I existed in the now, there is no past, and neither will I get to the future. My life is now and I choose to focus on it now and choose to create the experience I desire this now, and right now, I am.
With the past, I have nothing to do; nor with the future. I live now. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson