Look no further, it’s all in you.

And I felt something being deposited in my spirit, and God said ” The true essence of who you really are is within you’. I stood in awe wondering what those words could really meant?

Too often we look on the outside for the answers for our lives. We call a friend or family member or we go to church or contact a medium. Does that sound familiar to you?

What God is teaching me is, there is nothing I do not know,everything I need is within me, all the answers to my life, for all my challenges, problems, hardships and even my prosperity and success. Within me are all the tools I need to navigate my way through physical life.

The question is, how do I access all this, how do I hear from within? The very still voice that told me the message ‘ the true essence of who I really am is within me’, is the answer.

One needs to learn how to cultivate the relationship with their higher self, your GodSelf in order to hear the voice on a daily basis…

Ever heard of the words from Christ ‘ the kingdom of God is within you?’

Look no further..