You Create Your Own Reality

There is nothing in your life that has happened that you have not contributed to. Everything that is happening currently in your life, you have actively created it, indirectly or directly. You are an active participant in this play of life not a spectator. No one can claim that they are sitting in the theater and watching their life being acted out without their permission!

Most of the time as human beings we would like to associate ourselves with only those things that bring peace, joy and success and  everything else we do not like, it could not be us.  It is not because we consciously abdicate responsibility but our limited understanding of the universal laws of life puts us in this predicament.

There are different contributory factors that create our world, whether good or bad, actively or passively:

  • Thoughts
  • Generational past/curses
  • Covenants/Agreements

1. The power of your thoughts -Proverbs 23:7 – 9

Man is a conscious creator of his/her reality. Man has been endowed with that God power to create. Man is a vibrational being, subconsciously turning his thoughts into matter. Once a thought takes root in our mind, our emotions and feelings and imaginations support it, the rest is history.

Remember the adage “as a man thinketh so is he”?, it is your law of the Spirit, whether we are conscious of it or not. Some call it the law of attraction. This law states that the universe gives you that which you think, in brings it to manifestation whether it is good or bad. The universe cannot differentiate. It just responds to the power of what you want. To add a base for this truth, you attract that which you are, not necessarily that which you want. You want that which you are.

This means that thoughts are linked to character. You may ask, how can I inflict my painful situation in my life? Pause and review everything you have ever said when you were probably angry. Emotions cause feelings and feelings result in thoughts. ‘Oh I wish I could get out of this marriage, this man does not deserve me” ‘Oh I wish I could leave my employer, he does not appreciate me’ Ring a bell?. Everything took root of that thought, circumstances grew more unpleasant and unbearable to contain, and you ultimately left your employer or you were fired..

Every time thought crosses your mind it is like a spider creating web. The difference is that a spider creates a web with a conscious end in mind but you create your thoughts ignorant of its power to actively and consciously create, with or without your requested permission. The more web strings of contradictory thought that are influenced by uncontrolled emotions, feelings, words manifest themselves, the more your web of life gets more complicated and unmanageable.

2. Your generational curses

Another contributory factor to your current reality, pleasant or unpleasant is your generational past, which we often refer to as ‘curses’.  My experience has taught me that curses are basically bad thoughts or behaviors that have turned into habits, which consequently result into unpleasant outcomes. Your parents or great grandparents and even further generations in the past spoke  or practiced these things and you have learned them and accepted them as a way of life.

You did not consciously choose these realities but they are here. Suppose your family believed in witchcraft or christianity, they could have prayed all their generations to come to follow their footsteps. They have designed and created the future children like a web. When you grow up, their sayings manifest, it is simply a law of cause and effect. If you plant a seed now, and for some reason you do not see it to grow, eventually it will germinate, even after you have forgotten your conscious planting. ‘A man can not directly choose his circumstances but he can choose his thoughts, and so indirectly, yet surely shape his circumstances’- James Allen.

Heres a power tip, these generational past will only have power over your life when you acknowledge and believe them. This is deeper than what I am saying here. You might not consciously acknowledge , believe or remember but your subconscious has the ability to store information for many lifetimes, creating your present reality. You are a powerful creator and you have the ability to control what comes though your consciousness. There are tools like repentance (simple mindset change) meditation, affirmations to help you deal with all these challenges

3. Covenants/ Agreements

There is power in covenants. When two people agree on earth as to anything on earth’ it shall be done for them in heaven, scripture declares. Again, the law of the universe kicks in even more powerful. Proverbs says’ two is better than one. Sometimes we enter into covenants that bind us for life. A common covenant like marriage can produce an array of never ending problems due to its spiritual effect.

The exchange of vows goes deeper than a mere exchange of sweet words of love. In becoming one, you adopt each other’s blessings, even curses. In a case where the parties of the covenant have incompatible beliefs, the war of the spirit will take effect. Evil against good. Problems in a marital covenant might not only be due to the visible evidence of everyday squabbles but some of it foundations might be traced to the backgrounds, of the two individuals and past agreements that were made in their names.

The agreements we make in our everyday lives have those’ fine lines’ that often hide the reality of the agreement. Hence, the advice ‘read the fine print’ is so important. The covenants we make in marriages, lending money from people, visiting witch doctors have hidden prints on them. They tie us to long problematic aftereffects, creating an unpleasant realities.

Food for thought

These are some realities we do not want to hear about. It is always easier to blame someone than to face the person in the mirror . Take a moment and think how you have created your reality thus far. If you do not like the space you are in right now, change it. Start with your thoughts, words, and actions. over time, the reversal process will surely happen.