Trust Yourself More…

Living your greatness means learning to trust you more than the vibe or people. Sometimes your innerguide doesn’t feel appealing because it looks and sounds contrary to what everybody is saying and doing. As humans we have a deep need to be loved, belong and feel accepted,because of this deep need, at times we go to extremes to please others. Unfortunately that hurts us more because they will disappoint. The safest place to trust is within you not outside in the public.

Brene Brown, the author of Daring Greatly, says that belonging is belonging to ourselves first. True belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are but to be who you are.

Everytime I followed the vibe, I found myself lost in the crowd, as soon as the vibe died, I realized I had faded in the crowd and I had lost my voice. Truth is, my innervoice had guided me contrary to where the vibe was going. Your inner guidance is never wrong, it’s meant to protect you from the outside world and to guide you into the truth that serves you.

3 steps to help you to learn to trust yourself more…
* Firstly, understand that you are a spiritual being
* Secondly, learn to listen to your inner voice. It is an inbuilt guidance system within you,which is never wrong, it speaks to you all the time.
* Thirdly, follow your heart always,it is never wrong.